viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

The aguant (part II) Derby Manchester City vs Manchester United

Come on City, let’s go to win
If you are fan of United
You want to kill yourself
Smell, smell, smell, hello..

Richard Davis, United fan: “you talk about this, about that. Who are you? You catch the player we drop in the rubbish ban, like this village man Tevez. You don’t exist, you don’t win anything. Win a league! Win something! We are waiting for you at the station but don’t come with the police. Come alone if you have balls. Stand on hands, cat”.
Uh, they are the stone droppers
They are the gays of City
Oh, they are the stone droppers
Oh, oh, oh,
They are the gays of City

At the end of the match Sir Alex Ferguson said: “Sorry for the ladies... Suck my cock, still sucking...” Terribles words by Sir Alex.

Hey United, look how different we are
You come with the police
We aguant alone
Dear City, the fans are crazy
They come to alent you
Dear City, i alent you until die
Shut up United you don’t exist.

United, Im so frightened
That this shit of Old trafford
Felt down

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010