martes, 29 de abril de 2008

The aguant

Extracto tomado del programa “The aguant”, en la previa del clásico Everton-Liverpool. El que habla es un hincha del Liverpool.

Liverpool fan:

-This is for you, Everton. You talk you are a lot, that you have aguant, you standing on the hands. What happening? Nothing. We waited here and you don´t appear. we come walking, look, without policemen, quiet, walking with the legs, without nothing. You don’t exist, you never won nothing. How many are you? Two, three, four… no more. You don´t full your own stadium. Look at the people who come here. We play at home again. It´s a shame. We come to put party in your stadium. You don´t know what are flags, large drums, little papers. Everton listen, you make me cry, we will win you again. Ok? Again. You don´t exist. Come on Liverpool! and you prepared to after the game to run away. Yes, in your own stadium. You are a shitter. Bye Everton, you don´t exist. Liverpool you are the biggest in my life!.

Canciones para alentar al Liverpool

You are fan of Everton,
You don´t have eggs,
You come to Liverpool
With the police car.
You are a shitter, you are a shitter…

Liverpool, my good friend.
This campaign we come back to stay with you,
We alent you from the heart.
This are the fans who want to see you champion,
We don´t care what someone say,
What everyone else say,
I follow you in every place you go,
Each time I love you more.
Liverpool, my good friend…

Stop, stop, stop,
Take them a picture,
They go to their home
With the ass broken.

This is for you, this is for you,
Everton gay, the mother fucker who gave birth to you.

Of Liverpool I am, you are the fun of my heart, you are my life and my passion,
Far away of all explanations,
And I don´t care in which stadium you play,
At home or away I come to see you,
If the death will have separate us,
from the sky I will have alent you.
Of Liverpool I am, you are the fun of my heart…